Data Viz Boards

In addition to our design and development services for bespoke visualization solutions we also offer a wide range of consulting services on a cost effective basis and with faster turnaround times. We help our clients find the best way to visually communicate insights based on the data they have, applying our vast experience and unique skills in visualizing quantitative data. We use rapid prototyping and interactive sketches to find the most effective visual for any given dataset, and when possible, we utilize turnkey components to quickly create charts and graphs for projects of any size. These visualization modules deliver the same high quality standards of design and technology we apply to our bespoke projects, while providing an economical solution to individual data visualization needs on a smaller scale.

Boards are the delivery mechanism for our solutions, making it simple and quick to use and share the visualizations we create for you. Here's an example of a board, with information about what you can do with it.

How to get started

Upload your data (or representative data sample) and we will get back to you within 48h hours with a proposal, both on what we suggest to do with your data set and how much it will cost you. Our staff of experienced data visualization experts will have a look at your data set and determine the best way to visualize it.

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