Art Genome Browser

Client: Artsy

Completed: 2014

Artsy is an online platform for all things art. Their mission is to “make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.”

One of the ways they achieve this goal is through the Art Genome Project, which categorizes all the art and artist in their database. All the categories are given a “gene” for example: gender genes, time period genes, materials genes, location genes, etc. The interface we built allows users to filter the entire data set by specific “genes” for example pop art and artists’ hometown.

Utilizing Artsy’s extensive Art Genome data we designed and developed a platform to visualize trends and identify stories within the data. Through the interactive mode the user is able to interact with the art genome data and manipulate the filters to see interesting aspects in the current art world and throughout history. From the rise in female artist in the 20th century to the correlation between an artist’s popularity and their totally auction value.

In the narrative mode, these stories are presented side by side with curated visualizations to exemplify the stories told.

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